Friday, June 11, 2010


Oneway Street Festival was held on June 5th, on Appell St. Surfers Paradise.  A fusion of art, music, food. Organized by volunteers and a great turn out.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Melourne Graffitti Bike Tour 2007

Enclosed are a few images along my sister and I's journey through the streets of Melbourne. Was probably one of the best days I have had with her. Just the 2 of us a few coffee's, the road and a great adventure. Thanks Lish....Wish I could be there with you today so we could do a 2009 tour! These images are a few of my favorites. Would love it if you could write the locations we found these, in the comments for this post Lish.... Cheers

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

LION Surfboards/ Art for Eric Perez


Chopper built this frame for my canvas. I watched and hopefully next time I will be able to build my own....Pretty easy really but I am pretty useless....The Lloyd Rees Memorial Youth Award is the latest exhibition that I look forward to being a part of. It's down in Sydney, Lane Cove to be exact.  Sent it off this past tues. Had climbed through the dumpsters at work to find the right bit of cardboard to put around it for protection. Always a good look, dumpster diving.
 Thanks again chopper! I most appreciate your help as I seem to ask for it continually!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Just this past Friday I went to the Cavern at Nobby's Beach to hang ten with mates and socialize with a couple of bevvies. Mostly Chai Tea really.  I managed to get a few works displayed there and have sold one too, which is most excellent. The Cavern is a low key bar/ tapas cafe that has live music most nights of the week.  It was funny earlier this month when me and my mate Trish went and there was a couple of Canadian musicians playing as we were leaving. It was quiet funny, I love coming across fellow countrymen.  Whether it be my buss driver, taxi, or anyone else for that matter.
In this photo I am standing next to my work titled "Fingers". I thought it would be suitable for my first post on my new blog to put up my very first exhibition experience here in Australia. I was very nervous and excited the evening of the Art Show. But I couldn't have imagined a better venue for my first time. It was at a church and as you can tell from the excellent work in the background mine is a bit out of place. But hey I never thought of doing the set standard anyways. In the box or outside of the box, well I believe I am the box in my own world. I set my own standards and reality. I am not going to let someone else dictate this to me. I think it was great to see the church members walk around and their reaction, I would say it was successful because it got their attention, it was amusing. I asked one of the judges for feedback on my work an for this piece she wondered why the board was snapped straight and not on an angle. I said that was how it was found, it seemed like it was suddenly acceptable for it to be like that. That is all she could say about it!  It was funny because it was like I had to have an explanation for everything I do. In a world full of control why do I need to have control over what happens when I create. Really it's the freedom to see what happens that really entices me to do more. If the end result has to have meaning to be an artist then I guess I'm not one. In college the teachers always said think before you create. The students always said create before you think. Why is this such an issue, everyone should be free to do whatever they choose when it comes to their own creations. If some of us choose to have no logic that should be respected just as much as those that "have one". Anyways this is obviously something I struggle with..... Sorry about the rant... Hopefully you find it amusing for whatever it's worth....